Intelligent infrastructure is the most important part of things in smart city constructions. It is a kind of Multidimensional combination with the need of streaming media technology, construction, urban planning, land management, housing spatial entity construction, road transportation, public safety and other industries multidimensional, visual management system, etc.

  • KMDA-2701


    Intel Celeron J1900 CPU, 4*LAN, 7*USB, 6*COM, HDMI and VGA.

  • PMI-3110


    Embedded PC Aluminum Alloy Chassis, Mini-shell Design, Baytrail J1900 CPU, 4*100M Port Switch

  • FEBC-3575/S001&T001


    Fanless Embedded Box PC 5*LAN, 16 bit DIO, mSATA, 4*COM, 9~36V DC wide voltage input

  • KMDA-3601


    4*USB3.0,DP+HDMI+VGA,16bit Isolated DIO

  • SCC-3126


    Aluminum alloy chassis, Atom N2600 CPU, 2*LAN,4*COM,DIO,Audio

  • ALAD-A1001T


    Intel® Baytail CPU, 2*LAN, 1*USB3.0

  • ALAD-K1220T


    Industrial Panel Computer, 12.1 TFT LCD, Intel® Skylake-U CPU,2*LAN,4*USB3.0

  • ALAD-K1520T


    Industrial Panel Computer,15" TFT LCD, Intel Skylake-U CPU,2*LAN,4*USB3.0

  • ALAD-K1820T(P)


    Industrial Touch Panel Computer 18.5" TFT LCD,Intel Skylake-U CPU, 2*LAN,4*USB3.0

  • ALAD-K2120T(P)


    Industrial Touch Panel Computer 21.5" TFT LCD,Intel Skylake-U CPU,2*LAN,4*USB3.0

  • ALAD-151T


    Industrial Touch Display, Aladdin Family 15 inch TFT LCD

Intelligent Manufacturing

During the industrial automation application it requires IPC must have excellent processing ability, multiple I/O ports and high reliability for non-stop working under harsh environment


Laser Cutting Machine and Laser Engraving

Laser cutting and engraving technique is to use a laser to process the raw materials used in industrial manufacturing applications, such as cutting plastic, metal, coated metal, rock and glass.

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  • Exquisite Craft and Reliable Quality, ALAD Panel PC(NEW COLOUR)
    Exquisite Craft and Reliable Quality, ALAD Panel PC(NEW COLOUR)

  • Streamline design and exquisite look, KMDA-2701
    Streamline design and exquisite look, KMDA-2701

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