• News!JHC collaborate with Cambricon for building AIoT intelligent ecology

    On May 28th, JHCTECH and Cambricon signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Taking AIoT intelligent solutions as the theme, the two sides team up with the intelligent reasoning, edge computing, and other field. The two sides will play their respective advantages and deeply collaborate on the construction of major projects. The collaboration aims to optimize AI computing power of edge-end devices, accelerate the development of AIoT industries, and jointly build a new smart ecosystem.

    Currently, with 5G commercialization is coming, smart IoT will become one of the technologies that will dominate future life, covering smart cities, smart transportation, driverless (Internet of Vehicles), and smart factorie. At this stage, JHC and Cambricon's cooperating, following the frontiers of technology, will provide a faster and smarter interconnection experience. High speed, low delay and high bandwidth are important elements to promote the continuous improvement of AIoT intelligent market. The Cambricon will base on the advantages of the new architecture of MLUv02,JHC will leverage its many years of experience in the IOT industry, make full use of the advantages of intelligent system research and development and customized services. The two will work together to further open the era of intelligent acceleration and truly connect everyhing.

       Cooperation fields    

    In this exchange and cooperation , JHCTECH & Cambricon have reached agreement on the strategic deployment of the AIoT smart market, which will open a new chapter in the field of intelligence. In the future, JHCTECH and the Cambricon will also have in-depth discussions in more fields. Through in-depth integration, it will further promote the integration of AIoT solutions in various fields and enable AI to power the Internet of Things. At the same time, we still uphold the best attitude and create the best products. Go hand in hand, win-win cooperation, in this golden era, we are committed to building a smarter planet and a smarter tomorrow.

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