• 【Application Story】BRAV-7520-WP: Edge AI Appliance For Tencent Autonomous Car

    Smart transportation is revolutionizing mobility in cities. In this March, Tencent’s driverless vehicles officially landed in the Shenzhen Intelligent Connected Transpor...

  • KGEC Series -- High-end X86 Industrial Edge Controller Solution

    At present, "Industry 4.0" has now reached a critical stage.Intel industrial edge nodes have two standard specifications, Type E and Type F. The KMDA-3230, KGEC...

  • JHCTECH Industrial Tablet PC Helps Shanghai Metro Build Cloudized HD CCTV Monitoring System

    As an important part of ensuring the safety of rail transit, the CCTV system can monitor train operation, passenger flow, depot conditions, and even detect public securit...

  • X86嵌入式SBC单板电脑之智能物流仓储AGV解决方案

  • [Smart Medical] Application of Jihecheng ECM-I910 Embedded Single Board Computer in Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer

    The solution of ECM-I910 in the system application of fully automatic urine sediment


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