• Integrating the Future-JHCTECH Annual Meeting has been held in Mansion Hills

  • News!JHC collaborate with Cambricon for building AIoT intelligent ecology

    Aims to optimize AI computing power of edge-end devices, accelerate the development of AIoT industries, and jointly build a new smart ecosystem.

  • JHCTECH Industrial Tablet PC Helps Shanghai Metro Build Cloudized HD CCTV Monitoring System

    As an important part of ensuring the safety of rail transit, the CCTV system can monitor train operation, passenger flow, depot conditions, and even detect public securit...

  • Intel Releases White Paper on JHCTECH® MEC Equipment

    JHCTECH and Intel jointly published a white paper entitled "JHCTECH® MEC Equipment Based on Intel® Architecture Accelerate V2X Commercial Deployment".

  • JHCTECH Smart Highway Tour Seminar-Beijing

    On the afternoon of November 18, the second stop of jhctech smart highway tour seminar, Beijing station, was successfully held in Beijing Park Plaza Hotel.


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