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JHCTECH Alad Industrial Panel PCs vs. Traditional Panel PCs


                                                               JHCTECH Alad Industrial Panel PCs vs. Traditional Panel PCs


JHCTECH has released the newly-developed Alad series panels - embedded multi-functional panel PCs designed following industrial-grade requirements. JHCTECH takes great care in designing every aspect of Alad series, including architecture, engineering and applicability, etc., finally offering you a series of elegant, reliable industrial panel PCs with extended functions.


Powered by Intel® Braswell N3000/Intel® Core Skylake CPU and supported by ultra-low power fanless design, Alad series can have high performance in all circumstances. Die-casting aluminum, continuous unibody design has endowed Alads with solider, thinner shells. With long lifespan LED-backlit LCD for resistive touch screens/capacitive touch screens, two 3W amplifier speakers and HDMI, Alads are the perfect choices for multimedia displays. Simplified hard drive installation and standard VESA mounting, easily disassembled I/O cover and front-accessible USB all demonstrate our refined craft.


Alads come in four models. Alad K1520T and K1220T are equipped with Intel® Core Skylake CPU, with four USB 3.0 ports, I211AT chip dual PCIe x1 GbE ports, which secures the stability and safety of data transmission. More importantly, expanded PCI/PCIe and optional I/O interfaces allow them to meet variable needs of intelligent manufacturing application platforms. Alad A1501T and A1201T are designed for wide temperature operating with high performance and reliability, which are achieved by the combination of Braswell 6W Soc CPU - the ultra-low power quad-core industrial embedded CPU and fin-shaped aluminum fanless design.

Comparison Chart:


Alad Panel PCs

Traditional Panel PCs







·aluminum die-casting chassis

·fin-shaped fanless design

·smooth unibody design


mechanical components

·molecular architecture docking

·metal plate shell

·complicated assembly ways

·unreliable architecture docking

·high cost of mass production


·Intel® Braswell N3000/Intel® Core 
ylake CPU

·ultra-low power

·14nm single chip

· high performance, reliability

· consecutive operating time

 >10 thousand hours

·Intel®Atom D525+ICH9M/

 Intel® Atom D2550+NM10 CPU

·45nm chipset

· low performance, reliability

· consecutive operating time

 ≤5 thousand hours


·dual-port I211AT GbE

·4*USB 3.0


· front-accessible USB 2.0

· 8 bit DIO

.dual-port GbE

·2-4 RS-232

·2-4 USB 2.0



·1*Mini PCIe

·1*PCI or 1*PCIe X1

·1*Mini PCIe

Operating Environment

·IP65 front panel

·DC 12~24V (Optional DC 9~ 36V) wide power input

·-10~55℃ wide-range operating temperature

·DC 12 power input

·0~50℃ operating temperature


·wide-viewing angles(>85°)

·high brightness (>400 lumens)

·long lifespan TFT LCD(>50 thousand hours)

·1*HDMI, supporting 4K resolution

·2*3W amplifier speakers

·75° viewing angles

·CCFL-backlit screen

·lamp lifespan≤30 thousand hours


Touch Panel

·5-wire resistive touchscreen

·optional projected capacitive touchscreen,

supporting multi-touch,

3 billions times single clicks, with high accuracy


·5-wire resistive touchscreen

·supporting 35 million times single clicks

· requiring frequent calibration



Life Cycle

available before 2023

only available within recent two years for phase-out CPU



12.1" - 315*259*51mm

15"  - 380*315*56mm


12.1" - 2.8kg

15"  - 4.3kg


12.1" - 345*265*80mm

15"  - 396.5 *317.6 *103.5mm


12.1" - >5kg

15"  - >6kg


CE,FCC, CCC, Test for Operating Temp


Detail Showcase:



Main Application Platforms:


    Intelligent Manufacturing                               Machine Vision                                       MES System

As the new generation of industrial low-power, high-performance panel PCs, JHCTECH Alad series are widely used in high-end intelligent industries and ares, such as CNC, production Information automation and interactive touch terminal. For more information, please contact us:


 Established in April 2002, JHCTECH is a world leading industrial PC developer and supplier headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Firmly focusing on three major IoT areas - intelligent infrastructure, manufacturing and service, JHCTECH provides customers with advanced, reliable embedded products, solutions and value-added services. With 14-year devotion and expertness, we are committed to make unremitting efforts to empower a more intelligent planet and smarter life with partners worldwide.


JHCTECH offers products ranging from the following categories:

        ● Embedded PC

        ● Interactive Panel

        ● Embedded Single Board  

        ● Cloud Service

        ● Value-added Service


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